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Home Vision Screenings

You may be tempted to test out the latest craze: Home vision testing. It is entertaining to see what your prescription might be in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you feel like saving an extra buck by doing such a screening this year. Let us caution you though!

Home vision tests done from your computer or cell phone cannot replace your annual eye exam. The aps were developed to screen your vision much like our “auto refractor” in our testing room. It measured the curve of the front of your eye, and the reflex of the light as it hits your retina. While this is a great starting point , it isn’t the determining factor in the creation of your new lenses.

Computers are not fool proof. They can’t determine the human aspect of vision, they can only run measurements based on algorithms and numbers. So while the ap gets close to your prescription based off of the anatomy of your eye, it doesn’t take into account your preferences, personal needs, and focusing system.

the artist in animation

Think of your eye doctor as an artist of sorts. With finesse he or she learns your vision preferences, and adapts your prescription to fit your day to day needs. A computer based ap just isn’t going to do this for you.