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Employee Spotlight August

Meet Linda Kraft


How did you first learn about Gillette Optometric Clinic?

I learned about GOC during a job search. I had not been in town a long time and GOC is tucked away off the 4 – J so I  discovered when I applied for my position in the business office.


Describe what you were like at age 10

I was very energetic. Living in Southern California I was surrounded by water.  I was always swimming in our pool, boarding in the Pacific, skiing at the lake or ice skating and snow skiing.  If I stopped long enough to sit still my nose was usually stuck in a book.  I LOVED the Black Stallion series. No surprise I married a rancher.


If you could witness any historical event what would you want to see?

Front row seat to the Sermon on the Mount


What have you gained from working at Gillette Optometric Clinic?

It is a great working in an environment where the doctors care about family and community. The atmosphere creates great working relationships and friendships.  All of us are expected to excel. The doctors encourage continuing education so I am always learning new things about the optometric field.  Most of the staff members are certified to some degree. I am a Certified ParaOptometric


If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Since I am a bit of a foodie, one meal would be a stretch, unless it were a 7 course meal then maybe I could live with it,

Olive and cracker appetizer, soup, steak, green beans and yams, apple tart, strawberries and chees, coffee and truffle and finish it off with cognac.

Of course I would spend a lot of time eating and napping after all that food lol